just a space for notes

2023-02-13 film photography; minidisc music; more SPARC

reworked images to work on actually old platforms; added a new videocard to the Sun ULTRA 5

2023-02-11 yearly updates

More Macintosh explorations; and fast forward to 1998.

2022-03-12 cleanup

2022-03-08 got Macintosh Classic

2022-02-19 weekend cleanup

List of updated pages:

2022-02-12 hacking, writing, modelling

Put down some ideas about the interface prototype, and added support for images on the website.

2022-02-09 written some drafts

I want to build a habit of writing, so I started moving my notes here. Also, I'm trying to keep the notes focused on subject matter rather than me.

2022-02-07 de-clutter

Website and it's sources are now in separate directories, like in Oscean. This declutters the autocomplete.