LTO Backups

for system backup

It uses [dump][man_dump]/[restore][man_restore] under the hood.

# mt stsetoptions scsi2logical  # figure out /etc/stinit.def
                                # make /dev/tape symlink or use /dev/nst0
$ cd backup
$ tapebackup
Target is required

Dump these file systems:
  /dev/mapper/volume            (     /) Last dump: Level 6, Date ...

Usage: tapebackup [-t /dev/tape] -[0-9] TARGET [...]
$ tapebackup -7 /dev/mapper/volume

for mediaanime backup

# mt stclearoptions scsi2logical
  1. tapemount mounts the tape cartrige based on the RFID chip label to /mnt/$LABEL;
  2. [animetape][animeutils] without options shows pending items to sort.
  3. Operator need to sort out the Pending queue, either by creating directories that matching the titles, or moving the titles from unsorted to it's directories;
  4. Running animetape --clowntown will copy anything missing on tapes to a current tape if anything is mounted to /mnt/anime_*, and then move it to place. It will also make all missing copies. Finally, it will create index symlinks in /srv/backup/tape;
  5. tapeumount will unmount and eject the tape.

INFO:__main__:Archive [HorribleRips] Gakuen Babysitters [1080p] as Gakuen Babysitters and backup to anime_A00003 INFO:__main__:Backup [MTBB] Banana Fish (BD 1080p) to anime_A00003