Icom IC-F11 series handheld radio

I use pair of F12S VHFs, it only has 2 channels, and configured for commercial license.

2 to 16 channels

I want to have:

so I ordered "a bucket-full of borker UHF stations" from hire, gonna try mixing/matching parts. The batch has 8 F22SRs (16 channels, non-removable antenna), 2 F4SRs (out of scope), and all the charging gadgets (honestly, it was a steal of a deal). The only significant downside is non-removable antenna — those are going to be replaced with Icom standard 8950004671 ANT connector 101A.

To change the variant, strapping 0R resistors W11, W12, W13 to be removed, and the switch unit replaced from SW-B (toggle switch) to SW-A (16 postition encoder). Channel variant is only configured in EEPROM in second nibble of 4th and 8th bytes. Flipping those changes the station type in CS-F11.

 pmr1ch.icf: 00001024580100000000C38463500D32640F0A
 pmr2ch.icf: 00001024580101000000C28463500D32640F0A
pmr16ch.icf: 00001024580102000000C08463500D32640F0A

Flash version

There seem to be an access port on F22SR, could be because it uses HD64F3664FP (flash) instead of HD6433664A24FP (mask), TBD

Port has next pinout, CCW:

  1. GND
  2. ?
  3. /RES
  4. VCC
  5. ?
  6. ?